Titanfall bundle announced – Buy Xbox One, get Titanfall free!

File this under a good idea: Microsoft announced today that they’re offering an Xbox One Titanfall bundle at its normal  $500 price tag. What’s included?

Download code for a digital copy of “Titanfall”
Standard Xbox One console and Kinect sensor
Standard Xbox One wireless controller
Standard Xbox One Chat Headset
One month Xbox Live Gold membership

The beauty of this bundle is that while there has been a lot of press on the value of the extra $100 over their competition, this narrows the gap with a brand new game. While some may balk at the download-only copy, in cases where there is a game I want to keep I prefer not having to switch disks to bounce between different games. We very much enjoyed our time with the beta, and are anticipating the March 11 release.

There is no word on whether this extends beyond the MS online store. You can order the bundle package here, but be warned : there is a limited run so if you’re interested you should strike while the iron is hot.

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