Titanfall 2 expands their server capabilities ahead of launch

The team at Respawn Entertainment are ready for you to beat their servers into the ground, or at least they think they are.   Today they unveiled their strategy around how Titanfall 2 will expand their global server strategy.   In the first title they were 100% hosted on the Windows Azure platform, but now they are expanding that into Google’s cloud, Amazon’s AWS service, as well as running dedicated boxes co-located in servers all around the world.  This will allow the team to push the game closest to the consumers who are playing the game.   They are hoping that players check their assumptions with the Titanfall 2 Technical Test.  While we don’t have a date for the test yet, it’s gonna be soon as the game launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 28th, 2016.

I do have to say…the team at Respawn have one of the nicest websites on the entire Internet.  Well done, team…well done.  Check it out while you sign up for the test. Let’s do what the Internet does best and break some stuff!

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