Tired of Words With Friends? Try Monster Words

A new word game has arrived for iOS, designed to test your wits and save the world from monsters. Yes, I’m serious. In Monster Words, your goal is to find which monsters spell out the correct word based on a series of clues and save mankind in the process. There are different settings to adjust the spelling and vocabulary level to make the game appropriate for all ages. There’s even Facebook intergration to ask your friends for help if you overestimate your word game prowess.

“The new hint system lets you hit up your friends for help on Facebook, but if your friends are totally useless, you can just purchase a hint,” said Chris Hill of Enemy Hideout. “Hints will come in handy, because although the monsters may look kind of squishy and adorable, they become quite diabolical as you move up the levels.”

Enemy Hideout, the developer of Monster Words, has made the game available for free through iTunes for all iDevices with iOS 4.3 or later. For those of us without an iDevice, they have also promised an online browser version coming soon. Watch the gameplay video below to get an idea of what you’re in for.


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