Time to roll up and run with Amazing Katamari Damacy on smartphones today

Today, Bandai Namco announced that it has released Amazing Katamari Damacy on Android and iPhones. The endless runner is free to play and features the Prince of All Cosmos and his cousins as they roll up an ever-expanding ball of stuff in order to please the King of All Cosmos.

The King of All Cosmos needs players to win back the Queen’s heart andsave the universe from impending doom in AMAZING KATAMARI DAMACY. Roll, roll and roll again to help The Prince collect thousands of objects and team up with royal cousins on a mission to restore the galaxy. But be careful, many challenges will stand in the way, such as black holes, charging cows, parade of zoo animals and even cats on skateboards!

Check out the video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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