Time is running out to apply to test the Razer Nabu

Time is running out to apply to test the Razer Nabu

I’m tempted to not even tell you because it’s ruining my odds of getting into the Beta, but the Razer Nabu (Winner of our Best Hardware of E3 2014) has had a landrush of entries requesting the chance to test the upcoming wearable. Rather than tell you about the Nabu with text, check out our quick hands-on video from E3 2014:

As you can see, the Razer Nabu is looking to create a next-gen and open platform for wearables to take them from the simple analog devices of today to something incredibly useful and powerful.

You only have 24 hours (less, actually) to enter for a chance at the 500 slots to beta test the device. Your chance to ruin my chances of getting this device lie right here…you monster.

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