Ticket to Ride Pocket free for three days


To me, the best gateway game to get people to try out board games is Ticket to Ride.  Almost everyone who has tried it has enjoyed it, and several of them went out and bought their own copy, and some of their friends ended up purchasing a copy after they played it.  It’s not a surprise that one of the first iOS games from Days of Wonder was Ticket to Ride Pocket.

If you have any kind of iOS device, then take notice.  Ticket to Ride Pocket is available for free right now on the App Store.  While you can play the original game, for a dollar you can add in the 1910 expansion, which adds three different modes and a ton of new tickets.  In my opinion, it’s a worthwhile add-on.  If you haven’t ventured into board games, virtual or cardboard, then go to the App Store and download this.  What do you have to lose?

You can find Ticket to Ride on the App Store here.

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