Ticket to Ride Enhanced for Retina Screen

Ticket to Ride is one of the best board game conversions on the iPad that you can get.  It’s easy to learn, has online multiplayer, and plays fast against the AI.  Now Days of Wonder has given Ticket to Ride a facelift, enhancing the board for the new Retina Display.  This is what Days of Wonder had to say:

Ticket to Ride for iPad has just updated its maps to take full advantage of the ultra high-resolution Retina display on the new iPad.

The new retina display dramatically enhances the Ticket to Ride maps, allowing us for the first time to display the same high-fidelity, finely-detailed paper textures and beautiful background illustrations that are featured in the real world Ticket to Ride board game.

In addition, the increased sharpness of the new iPad’s Retina display enabled us to keep the track symbols on the train routes even when playing in normal (non-zoomed) mode; this helps make it much easier for colorblind players to identify different routes on a map.

Check out the screen of Europe as well as the comparison screen below.  You can find the iTunes page for Ticket to Ride here.

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