Thundercats Ho! The 80’s are Calling with this DS Release!


Wield the Sword of Omens today! Namco Bandai Games America Inc. has announced that Thundercats for the Nintendo DS is now available for purchase in North America. Thundercats is a action packed side scrolling adventure in which the player takes the role of Lion-O and uses the Sword of Omens to beat Mumm-Ra and his reptilian armies out of Thundera.

The THUNDERCATS storyline stays faithful to events taken straight out of the ThunderCats animated series. After generations of prosperity and peace, Thundera has fallen into despair as the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra and his Lizard armies go on a rampage through the land, leaving ruin and terror in their wake. Players take on the role of Lion-O, the young heir to the Thundera throne, and wield the Sword of Omens to salvage the honor of his nation and save his people from Mumm-Ra’s evil grasp.

The game also features robot battles, memorial card collection, and the ability to call upon Lion-O’s companions to defeat Mumm-Ra’s forces. For more information, check  the Press Release below.



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