Third Ace Combat: Assault Horizon DLC Revealed

If you loved the high-octane dog fighting of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon as much as we did, your trigger finger is probably itching for some robust DLC featuring new missions, alternate play modes, and fighting game-themed skins for your jets.  Great news, flyboys: Namco will be granting exactly one of those wishes with their upcoming Tekken pack!

The raging flames of a champion from the King of Iron Fist Tournament are emblazoned on this aircraft. It has been tuned for maneuverability and speed, making it deadly for close-range combat..

Ho w much would you pay for the chance to show off your love of these two Tekken characters?  $20?  $30??  No way: the “Tekken Collaboration Aircraft” DLC  can be yours for only $4.99 via PSN, or 400 Microsoft Points through X-Box Live.  It takes flight November 15th, but we’ve got a dozen screenshots to tide you over!

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