Thekla has “no plans” to bring The Witness to Xbox despite ESRB rating

While The Witness’ ESRB rating has hinted that the game could be coming to Xbox One, Thekla’s Jonathan Blow has explained that the studio has no plans to bring it to the system just yet.

In a statement issued to Polygon, Blow explained that Thekla only included Xbox One in the game’s ESRB submission as a form of future proofing in order to not have to resubmit to the rating board should The Witness make its way to the platform in the future.

“We only put XB1 on there because it doesn’t cost anything, and if we were to want to do an XB1 version later, we don’t have to go through ratings again,” said Blow. “But it is totally provisional, we have no plans for an XB1 version right now.”

The Witness is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on January 26th and iOS at some point in 2016. Thekla recently revealed the members of the game’s voice cast, which includes The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson.

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