Theatrythm Final Fantasy Launch Date Announced

Today, Square Enix announced the launch date of the upcoming 3DS title Theatrythm Final Fantasy. The game combines the well-known RPG elements of the Final Fantasy series with music and rhythm based gameplay. The soundtrack will feature pieces spanning the entire 25 year history of the Final Fantasy franchise. The character lineup and settings will also reflect the huge library of Final Fantasy titles.

Adorably redesigned heroes from the catalogue of FINAL FANTASY titles set out on an adventure to combat memorable villains with the rhythmic taps of the player’s stylus. THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY features over 70 musical scores spanning 25 years of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, and features music from key events, lush field themes and decisive battle arrangements.

Square Enix announced that Theatrythm Final Fantasy is expected to hit North American stores on July 3, and will also be available to preview at their booth at PAX East 2012.

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