The Witcher 2 Patch Rebalances Combat, Adds Dark Mode

The Witcher 2

When the release of the original Witcher game in 2007 was marred by long load times and a spate of technical issues, CD Projekt RED spent months producing a series of free patches to improve the experience for their fans.  You’d think the remarkably clean and stable launch of The Witcher 2 earlier this year would have been celebrated by the developers as a job well done before refocusing their efforts on the console port, but no: it turns out those dudes are just serious perfectionists.

CD Projekt RED just revealed the full list of changes coming to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in the release of the new and improved version 2.0.  Keeping its promise to deliver new content to fans and players with ease, comfort and no strings attached, 2.0 adds major improvements to the game free for all new and existing users!  It will become available on 29.09.2011 via automatic update for everyone.  Version 2.0 introduces the usual plethora of technical fixes and enhancements you’ve come to expect from a Witcher 2 update, but, it also offers three totally new game modes to increase ease of play, replayability and extra challenge.

Those new modes include a new dedicated tutorial with its own discrete areas and storyline, an all-new Arena mode where Geralt can put his combat skills to the test, and an overhauled campaign difficulty called Dark Mode which promises impressive new gear for players skilled enough to defeat the newly vicious enemies.  The patch also hopes to address frustrations with the flow of combat through improvements to the animation priority that will take the delay out of Geralt’s ripostes.

Click the Press Release button below to browse through the full patch notes, and keep an eye out for the full 2.0 update coming sometime tomorrow through The Witcher 2’s built-in updater.

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