The Sims on Facebook

The Sims Social announced for Facebook

The Sims Social announced for Facebook

If you’re one of the avid Sims players who likes creating characters based on their real-life friends and family, EA has some good news.

The Sims Social invites people to play with life in a whole new way with all of the uniquely playful and creative elements of The Sims and delivers an intuitive entertainment experience to the more than 500 million people on Facebook. Launching globally on Facebook this summer in five languages, The Sims Social allows players anytime, anywhere to create their Sim (characters unique to The Sims), build a bachelor pad or dream house, spark friendships and romances, and have exciting adventures – all with their Facebook friends.

EA attempted something similar with The Sims Online back in 2002, but both The Sims franchise and online social gaming have evolved quite a bit since then.  With the “Wants” system from The Sims 2 to drive long-term goals,  a mobile app to let people interact with their sims while on the go, and the enormous install base of Facebook players to potentially draw from, this will be a project to watch.

Hit the link to check out the full press release, and look for The Sims Social this summer!

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