The mouse comes out to play in Moss for PSVR

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Meet Quill, a small mouse who is sure to steal the hearts of men. She is the star Moss, the upcoming single-player, puzzle, action-adventure virtual reality game by Polyarc Games. This young mouse has dreams of greatness beyond the confines of her quiet settlement. When an ancient magic is awakened, she becomes linked to the player, who is their own character in the story. When a distant evil extends its reach, they’re called together on an epic journey. Fantasy storybook readings throughout gameplay further develop a compelling storyline and draw players into a rich tale of myth and magic.

Players will explore a captivating world, meeting compelling characters, and facing down foes in gripping combat.  The world of Moss is dynamic and interactive,  and every action has an impact. From healing the heroine to changing the landscape itself, the game seeks to transport players into a living world in which their actions change and shape the world. Humming with life and filled with intriguing creatures, ancient artifacts, and panoramic views, players will explore landscapes that are truly alive. Going beyond the usual fare of simply controlling a character, Moss uses the bond between Quill and the player as a key gameplay element, one which deepens upon and thrives through mutual communication and shared experiences. The player and Quill will need work together and approach problems the same way in order to achieve victory. 

Moss will be coming exclusively to the Sony PlayStation VR for the 2017 holiday season.


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