The Milkman rings twice- Psychonauts comes to the Mac with some extra goodness

If for some reason you haven’t had the opportunity to play what is possibly one of the greatest games ever made- Psychonauts– you now have one more platform to play it on- Mac OSX. Additionally, the Steam version has added achievements for both Mac and PC:

As of today, Steam users may download a free update to their Psychonauts game which includes–for the first time–achievements, cloud saves, and a slightly modified Meat Circus.

“We are really excited,” said Double Fine President Tim Schafer, “to finally be answering fans’ requests for a more difficult Meat Circus.”

Mr. Schafer was probably joking about that last part, as Meat Circus, one of the original game’s most difficult sections, has been made slightly less punishing in this update.

“Mostly because I’m getting older and it’s hard for me to press buttons that quickly. Hey, don’t forget to mention the achievements!” Schafer added, unnecessarily, because we already mentioned that feature.

To further sweeten the pot, a new free iOS app makes it’s debut today- the Vault Viewer:

Yup, if you were looking for some way to carry a part of your favorite game around in your pocket, this app is the answer to wildest dreams!

The Psychonauts Vault Viewer lets players view all of their favorite Memory Vaults from Psychonauts (even the ones they never found) on their handheld iOS device. Every vault from the game is included, plus newly-recorded audio commentary from Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell for every slide of every vault. The app is available now in the iOS App Store.

Here’s hoping all this Psychonauts love is leading up to a new announcement from Schafer and company regarding a sequel!

(This may be the only press release you’ll actually enjoy reading, btw)

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