The Limb Severing Continues in Dead Space 3

Rumors of Dead Space 3  have been swirling around the internet quite a bit lately, and it’s no big secret that a third game was likely to happen since EA called the series a trilogy quite a while ago. Nonetheless, it feels swell to announce that Dead Space 3  has been confirmed via IGN, and during E3 will be the first time we get an in depth look at the gameplay.

Like most games that are expected to have their big debuts at E3 this year, details are far and few in between, but the rumor that’s caught the most traction is the inclusion of some form of co-op gameplay. I’m personally hoping that the emphasis remains on the single-player experience since Dead Space  and Dead Space 2  were the perfect games to dim the lights, crank the speakers, and get lost in the atmosphere to.

We’ll know a lot more next week during the show.

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