The Lich King sends a chill over SDCC with the Ice Cream Citadel

[unitegallery IceCreamCitadel]

Blizzard has be helping fans cool down and get a literal taste of the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, with their Ice Cream Citadel. We got to step into the Lich King’s Lair ourselves, which is located in the Petco Park Interactive Zone. Surrounded by never melting chunks of ice, courtesy of the nefarious frosty king, the inside of the instillation is frozen, a refreshing change from the summer heat outside, and offers a small selection of ice cream which changes daily. On a personal note: the vanilla is particularly divine! Frozen dairy treat in hand, we at last got to approach the Frozen Throne to meet Lich King himself, a encounter forever memorialized in the form of a photograph. All Blizzard fans in the San Diego area are welcome to check out the Lich King’s Lair themselves, as Comic-Con badges are not required!

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