Is The Last Story the Last Epic JPRG? Coming August with Pre-Order Goodies

Publisher XSEED has given North American gamers the nod that The Last Story , an RPG developed by MISTWALKER, is coming on August 14th. On top of that, there’s a boat load of bonuses if you pre-order the game and/or buy from the first batch of games shipped to retailers.

The Last Story  is likely going to be one of the last JPRGs of this generation, coming to the Wii on the tail end of the console’s lifecycle. All initial launch copies of the game will be packaged with a 44-page softcover art book. Those who pre-order the game from either Amazon or GameStop will also come up on the game’s soundtrack. Why would you want this soundtrack? Well, it was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who championed the soundtracks of the Final Fantasy series as well as a host of other RPGs and other works as well.

The Last Story  was developed in conjunction with Nintendo, and has received fairly positive reviews from the few publications that have experienced the game. And for $49.99, you’ll be able to join in on the lengthy adventure yourself.

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