The Last of Us sequel announced, gets teaser trailer

Sony is famous for its end-of-conference zingers, and this year’s is something to talk about. Naughty Dog finally revealed the sequel to its 2013 blockbuster, officially titled The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us Part 2 - Announcement Trailer

In a panel attended by The Last of Us (TLoU) Creative Director Neil Druckmann and the voices of returning protagonists Joel and Ellie, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, respectively, the trio discussed the decision to bring back Joel and Ellie and shared new details about the game.

“We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t feel like we had the right idea,” Druckmann said, noting that while the creative team explored several other characters for its sequel, it ultimately decided that The Last of Us as a franchise is all about Joel and Ellie.

Ellie is 19 now, and this time, players will experience the game through her perspective, rather than Joel’s.

Druckmann confirmed that Ellie will play differently than Joel did, but ultimately remained tight-lipped on the gameplay.

“Some things are evolutions,” Druckmann said. “Some are reinventions. There will be a game to reveal down the road.”

According to Druckmann, Gustavo Santaolalla will return to compose the score for Part II, and some of his music can be heard in the teaser trailer above.

During the panel, Troy Baker echoed the sentiment shared by many fans and critics that TLoU had a perfect ending, and while many would rather see TLoU left untouched on its pedestal as a one-time success, Druckmann petitioned the fans:

“Put some faith in us. We’re going to do right by it.”

We gave The Last of Us a 95/100 in our review and again when it was remastered for PS4.

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