The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing free DLC released today!


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has been out for less than two weeks, and although  its developer Neocore Games announced upcoming free DLC, we didn’t quite expect it to arrive so fast. They’ve been working on patching the multiplayer experience – who knew they’d be doing double duty? If you’re curious as to what it adds, read on …

According to the press release it adds two cryptic levels playable in both single and multi-player modes. Along with the new levels come more high-level monsters. Additional levels are planned in future updates, as well as “Heroic Deeds” – a method of being able to power your character beyond just the fixed level cap. I’ve been playing a lot of this game, and I have to say, it’s great to see indie developers supporting a product after go-live with a roadmap for future expansion. I’m currently at level 29 (and have put some significant time into the game). Anything to keep it going is a good thing in my books.

You can get The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing on Steam for $14.99 USD, and expect a review from us shortly.

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