The Final Hours of Tomb Raider: Part 1

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted was the first game where I really felt aware of the fact that the voice actors were also doing their own motion capture work.  People sound different when they’re peeking out from behind cover, even when the “weapon” they’re brandishing is made from plastic and foam, and the performances take on a physicality that just can’t be replicated in a sterile recording booth.

It’s why I’m so happy to see British actress Camilla Luddington suiting up and going to toe-to-toe with one of her assailants in this first installment of the documentary series about the Final Hours of the new Tomb Raider.  The more the cast is allowed to physically embody their roles, tumble and swing and look each other square in the eye, the more enthusiastic I feel about the quality of the final scene.  Check out the premiere episode inside! 


Tomb Raider [NA] The Final Hours #1 - An Icon Reborn


Check back for more editions of Geoff Keighley and Zachary Levi’s The Final Hours of Tomb Raider series as they arrive between now and the game’s launch on March 5th, 2013.

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