The DS Lives On, Kirby Mass Attack Releases Today

While the Nintendo 3DS struggles to find itself a decent software library, the massive library of the Nintendo DS continues to expand with the latest game in the Kirby franchise releasing for it today. In Kirby Mass Attack , the formula takes a new turn as you control 10 Kirbys at once adding a breath of strategy to what has traditionally been a side-scrolling platformer.

“With 10 Kirbys to control, players can expect 10 times the fun,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “As consumers start thinking about games for friends and family members to enjoy this holiday season, Kirby Mass Attack is another great experience available only on Nintendo systems.”

In Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby has been split into 10 copies of himself and it’s up to the player to return him to his original form. You start off with one Kirby and as you progress you add more of them to the crew, using your crew of Kirbys to overcome enemies and obstacles.

Kirby Mass Attack  is available now on the Nintendo DS for $29.99.


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