The Darkness Comes Early for XBox Live Gold Members

XBox Live Gold members are getting access to the demo version of The Darkness II a week earlier than anybody else, and in this case, that means today.  PC, PS3, and non-paying XBox Live Silver members will still get their chance to take the infernal demon arms of mafia don Jackie Estacado, though not until next Tuesday, January 24th.

Picking up where Starbreeze Studios, the developers of the first game, left off, Digital Extremes’ sequel plans to emphasize Jackie’s growing mastery over his powers with a “quad-wielding” system that allows simultaneous access to his firearms and sentient monster tentacles at all times.  It also adopts a new graphic noir art style, using hand-painted texture work to replicate the appearance of the franchise’s comic book roots.

The Darkness II is due out in North America in just three weeks, on February 7th, 2012.

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