The console version of Diablo 3 will succeed in ways the PC version could not


Diablo 3 on the PC was wildly successful and sold a boat load of copies, but it was also wildly hated on for having server-related technical issues during its launch week, for requiring a network connection at all times, and for the real money Auction House which ushered a legitimate pay-to-win model into the game. Ironically enough, due to hardware limitations, the console version will not have any of that.

According to Destructoid, a Blizzard rep at PAX confirmed that there will be no real money auction house and that you will be able to play the game without a network connection. That pretty much eliminates the chance of server-related launch issues too. Additionally, to make the game more palatable to a console controller, the interface and inventory system have been redesigned, the camera has been updated, and the bosses and monsters have been “tuned” in a way that matches the rhythm of playing on a console.

Diablo 3 is confirmed for PS3 and PS4, but obviously it was the PS3 version on display at PAX. No release date for the game has been confirmed yet.

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