The bird is the word in Arrow Heads, out on PC today

Today, OddBird announced that it has released Arrow Heads on PC. The 2-4 player game has players defeating birds through the power of archery, and touts simple controls and tons of unlockable content.

Whether competing against other players online or teaming up against waves of enemies with your best friend on the couch next to you, Arrow Heads hands players unlimited arrows and drops them into unpredictable environments to test their mastery behind the bow. With plenty of unlockables and hundreds of customization options, you can defeat your opponents in style with additional projectiles like fish, guitars and even weaponized unicorns. This zany battle royale archery game is guaranteed to entertain and keep you coming back for more feather-fueled action.

The game features seven different stages and supports local and online multiplayer. The game looks pretty adorable, and if the above trailer is any indication, it looks like it’s going to be a wacky party game the likes of Power Stone. Flock to Gaming Trend for more Indie news.

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