Tetris: Axis For 3DS Lets You Play On Any Surface

One of the first experiences you probably had with your shiny new Nintendo 3DS was testing out the AR cards, trying it on a variety of surfaces – in my case, my dad’s bald head – to get a glimpse of what was in store in this new era of gaming in 3D. Tomorrow, Tetris: Axis  will be coming to the 3DS and will feature an augmented-reality mode which has players using AR Cards to view the gameplay in real-world environments.

Combining traditional elements of the original Tetris  with the modern trappings demanded from a high-tech, super-powered 3D system, Tetris: Axis  will have you arranging falling blocks called Tetriminos to clear lines but also offers unique new modes as well. In a mode called Fever, rounds will be played in 60-second bouts and have players activating special items to help clear the lines. New items for Fever mode will be downloadable using the system’s SpotPass feature.

People all over the world have experienced the fun of the Tetris game, but they’ve never seen it quite like this,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “The augmented-reality modes and 3D visuals in Tetris: Axis add some wonderfully immersive twists that are unique to this version of the Tetris game.

All in all, Tetris: Axis will offer nine multiplayer modes including local wireless modes that will allow up to eight Tetris junkies to form a circle and play simultaneously. Each player will need their own 3DS, though, only one person actually has to own the game.

Tetris: Axis will be available tomorrow, October 4th, for $29.99.

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