Telltale tells us more about The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us TrailerTelltale’s upcoming series The Wolf Among Us is making its way to PAX Prime next month, but they have released more information about the game ahead of that public debut. The episodic game will be based on the bestselling comic series Fables, which has been published DC’s Vertigo label since 2002. The core premise of the fictional universe is that the characters from our most beloved childhood fables, like Snow White, Pinocchio, and the Big Bad Wolf, are real and living among us, with all of their fairytale powers intact.

Set prior to the events seen in the first issue of the FABLES comic book series, The Wolf Among Us puts players in the role of Bigby Wolf, a man once more infamously known as The Big Bad Wolf.  Now the sheriff of a hidden community in New York City, exiled from the land of fairy tales, Bigby is tasked by the bureaucrat Snow White to keep order within a society of mythical creatures and characters trying to remain undetected in the world of the mundane.  From a chain-smoking member of ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ to a car-stealing Mr. Toad itching for his next wild ride, The Wolf Among Us examines the lives of beings straight from the pages of myth and lore, now trying to survive on the meanest and most run-down streets of New York City.

The Wolf Among Us will be released on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Mac, and PC. This trailer gives a little more insight into what to expect from Telltale’s latest:

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