TellTale Hints at New Walking Dead Content Before Season 3

While TellTale has plans to release a third season of its Walking Dead adaptation, the studio seems to have plans to roll out more content for the second season first.

Bloody Disgusting reports that TellTale hinted at releasing new content for The Walking Dead at a SXSW panel.

“[Season three] is not necessarily something you can expect to see super, super soon…” Telltale’s Job J Stauffer said, “but I think you can maybe perhaps expect to see The Walking Dead again sooner.”

TellTale released an additional episode for the first season of The Walking Dead called “400 Days” that was mostly separate from the original season’s story, and acted as a lead-in to the second. Whether this means TellTale is planning on releasing a prologue episode for the third season is currently unknown.

For more on TellTale’s Walking Dead series, check out our review of season two.

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