Techno-Fantasy MMORPG Rift goes free-to-play starting today


Continuing with the free-to-play announcements today – Rift has formally gone free-to-play, allowing gamers to hop into the world of techno-magic, dragons and deities for no cost save for the time it takes to download the client. Those of you who are into MMOs and have never tried out Rift, this is a great time to give this one a shot. Seriously, it has one of the most refreshingly unique fantasy settings I’ve seen in a while, and an incredibly sleek approach to the genre. Naturally, there are some additional benefits for players who throw down the cash to buy monthly ‘patron’ status – but you can enjoy quite a lot of the game without spending a dime.

Those interested in giving this one a spin should be sure to check out Rift’s website for more information as well as download details.

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