Team up or plunder each other next year in Light Fingers for the Switch

Announced earlier today in the Nindies Summer Showcase, Numizmatic has released details for its upcoming competitive action/boardgame hybrid Light Fingers. The four-player game will be released for the Nintendo Switch during the first quarter of next year.

What do skulking thieves do after a night of procuring shady spoils? They gather at a favorite tavern and wager it away on a friendly game of Light Fingers!

Played on a magical clockworks game board, this turn-based multiplayer game has real-time action and devious opportunities for misdirection, all in the pursuit of securing more loot than your opponents.

After all, bragging rights for the most deft are the greatest steal of all.

You can check out the trailer (which will also be shown at PAX West this week) above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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