Team Fortress 2 Up In Flames! Meet the Pyro This Wesnesday

How many of you guys have been waiting for this? As a dedicated fire-spammer, I know it’s been literally years for me. Well, as of this Wednesday the wait will be over – Valve is finally delivering the Meet the Pyro animated short! But that’s not all – we’re in the middle of the Pyromania Team Fortress 2 update! So click on in and find out more about what’s going on with the eternally popular hat-collection simulator / FPS.

While Day One of the Pyromania update shows off some new map and game type (complete with achievements you can pick up as you help launch/accidentally blow up Poopy Joe, Monkey Cosmonaut), Day Two shows off some of the weapons coming in this update. Strangely, the soldier’s new rocket launcher seems to be the most eye-catching, allowing a buildup and spontaneous release of three rockets at once. Take that, engineer nests! Anyway, be sure to check out the main site for more details, because the rumor is this video is going to come with an even bigger announcement. Stay tuned!

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