Team Fortress 2 Halloween Update! Free Loot! Free Chances at Loot! New Comic! More!

You read the title! Team Fortress 2 has just received its Halloween update for the year, and I’m going to tell you all about what’s in it. There’s loot here, folks. Some of it guaranteed so long as you login to the game. Wait, come back! Don’t login yet! Click below first and read what this update has, dammit!

We’ve got the TF2 Update Post itself to point you at, first of all. And then there’s the Bombonomicon comic for those of you who want to find out how the Demoman got his one eye! (Well, how he lost one of his two eyes. Same thing! It’s basic math!) Then there’s the Scream Fortress Page showing the new loot-granting achievements available, along with a hint at some of the costumes you can unlock.

I mentioned free loot, didn’t I? First of all, just logging in will automatically yield you a Halloween goodie bag that should have one or two random Halloween items inside of it. And completing the two new achievements will grant you a piece of loot each – a snazzy Monoculus hat, and the Bomb-styled Necronomicon-looking misc item which can be equipped to make you explode on death! In addition to all this, by playing on the Viaduct (well, Eyeaduct during this event) map you can pick up present boxes, each of which can hold a piece of Halloween-themed loot. And for those of you curious just what sort of loot there is, you can check out this convenient wiki list showing what there is to get! Quite a lot of pieces, and every class gets a 3-piece set – with the rumor being that if you complete the set, you’ll be able to wear the costume outside of the Halloween event and days of the full moon that they’re normally restricted to!

So what are you waiting for? Login, get your loot and then get more loot!

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