Team Fortress 2 Adding Co-op Mode vs. Robots — Two New Comics, One New Video!

Team Fortress 2 has another update underway, and I have to admit, I had to check this one twice to make sure I was reading correctly. Seriously, this is the sort of update I dreamed would come to the game, but never took it seriously because it seemed like too much work to expect from a free game. But here it is, folks: TF2 is getting a co-op update. Red and Blue have put their differences aside to face off against the automaton army of Grey Mann, pictured above. Look at that sniper! He’s just adorable! Pity he’s programmed to kill you. But there’s more, much more, and we’re only on day one of the three day launch! More inside.

First we have the blog post itself from the guys at Valve. For you less patient people we have the link to the update page, where you’ll find the video, two new comics, details on just what to expect out of this update in terms of enemy types, hints at round style… really, there’s so much here that I can only wave my arms up and down and scream “Go look! Go look this is COOL!” at you. But man, I am psyched. As I already said, this is the sort of addition to Team Fortress 2 that I only vaguely dreamed about, but didn’t allow myself to seriously think would happen because it was asking too much. So for you TF2 fans, go check out the awesome video, the development in the adorable alternate reality Team Fortress 2 takes place in, and the whetting of your gaming appetite that only Valve can do with such grace and hilarity.

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