Tasty Minstrel adds Free Game to Bomb Squad

If you were on the fence about backing Bomb Squad by Tasty Minstrel you may want to hear about this.

Tasty Minstrel is teaming up with designers Josh Cappel and Daniel Rocchi to add even more Bomb Squad action. Turns out Cappel and Rocchi were independently working on their own bomb disposal game when Tasty Minstrel launched their Kickstarter. In an awesome turn of events Tasty Minstrel has decided to take on the printing of Cappel and Rocchi’s game Bomb Squad Academy. In addition they are offering this $20 MSRP game to backers of the Bomb Squad campaign for free! That is if they can hit a $60,000 stretch goal.

If you want to know more about Bomb Squad, go check out the campaign. If you want to know more specifically about this additional game, check out this update.

Happy Bomb Defusing!


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