Take On Helicopters Takes On Players, Launch Screenshots

The boxed version may not be arriving on store shelves for another couple months, but helicopter sim enthusiasts can now have Bohemia Interactive’s Take On Helicopters delivered straight to their hard drives via major digital retailers including Steam, GamersGate, and more.  It’s a marked departure from the company’s previous focus on tactical shooters like Operation Flashpoint and the ARMA series, with a campaign centered on reinvigorating a family-owned aviation business.  There’s no less emphasis wide open spaces to explore though, with sixty square kilometers around Seattle, Washington and twice that amount set in South Asia, plus the same fully-featured mission editor that keeps the ARMA community humming.

Take On Helicopters has gone through an extensive pre-release testing period, with both a limited beta and a separate “community preview” version made available for owners of ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead.  The full version is available now for a recommended price of $49.99.

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