Take a cat-nap, take over the world, text adventure Choice of the Cat now available

Be lovable, be cuddly, be tyrannical.

Today, Choice of Games, a studio dedicated to creating multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, has released their latest game, Choice of the Cat. This text adventure puts you in the role of a cat as you make choices that determines whether to enslave them, or save them.

It’s the biggest text-based cat simulator ever written; play it many times as different kinds of cat! As a rescue cat, looking for a family to love and obey you forever, you find yourself sharing a home with a family on the brink of divorce. You’ll learn to manipulate your owners, their neighbors, and even their other pets to get what you want. (The humans think they’re in charge! Aren’t they cute?)

As you play, you’ll come across many choices to change the world to your will. Your owners can go from trying to land a recording contract, to trying to take over the government all through the help of your lovable antics.

This text adventure has over 600,000 words and is offering the first two chapters free on their official website. Choice of the Cat is available now on Steam.

Sean Anthony likes to combine two of his passions: gaming and writing. Gaming has been a huge part of his life ever since he played his first game as a child, Kirby's Adventure. He aspires to have his name attached to an article that makes the whole world go, "Huh, that's neat, I guess."

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