SWTOR gets 2.1 update, customization


Star Wars: The Old Republic has doubled their user-base and income since going free-to-play, and they’ve certainly not slowed in terms of their content releases either.  EA and Bioware has release game update 2.1 which enables a laundry list of cosmetic and gameplay updates for the game.  We’ve got a video showing off some of these goodies, but we’ve also got a short list to check out.  Observe:

Game Update 2.1 includes:

  • Appearance Designer Kiosk – New options to customize your character
  • New Species:  The Cathar – Players will now have the option to play as this great warrior species
  • Dye Modules –Modify the color of your armor sets which can be applied to all crafted gear above Level 15
  • Player Convenience Services – Ability to change each of the following; available for purchase in the Consumables section of the Cartel Market:
    • Character Rename
    • Legacy Rename
    • Guild Rename
    • Escrow Deduction
  • Collections Interface – Track all of your Cartel Market items that are part of a collection and share items across your characters for one low rate (purchased with Cartel Coins only)

*All these new options are available for purchase in the Cartel Market with Cartel Coins.

As I said, we’ve got a trailer to compliment the content.  Since Star Wars: The Old Republic is free-to-play, there is no reason you can’t simply download the client and try it for yourself.  I can say that I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing through the fantastic storylines in this title, and these sorts of cosmetic things and new characters make me want to check it out once again.   If you’d like to take it for a spin, pop over here and snag it!

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