Sword of the Stars II Launch Screenshots

Sword of the Stars 2

If it were up to me, none of you would be allowed to look at these ten Sword of the Stars II screenshots.  I remember what it was like when the first game was released.  People posting tips on how to maximize the advantages of each race’s unique interstellar drive technologies.  The way the dynamic tech trees inspired the invention of new battle tactics on the fly.  Realizing that apparent “holes” in the game’s interface were actually command elements waiting to be unlocked through advanced research and ship design.  Fans were making new discoveries on an almost daily basis, but I had to sit back and observe because my local shop was all sold out.

So the less excited everyone is for next week’s release of the sequel, the better for me.  Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to keep these images to myself, GamingTrend has some weird policy about only paying us writers when we post up new content for the site.  If  I want to afford the game, I’ve got to share the goods.

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter is set for release October 28th through digital distributors like Steam, Direct2Drive, and Gamersgate.

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