Sword of the Stars II Holiday Patch Released

Kerberos Productions met their stated goal for releasing that big stability patch for Sword of the Stars II yesterday evening.  It should be coming down through your preferred digital distribution service as you read this, but if you’d like to browse through the complete changelog while you wait, we’ve got the full list of fixes inside.

Critical Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur within the strategic AI could not determine which ships to construct for a fleet.
  • Fixed another crash related to selecting shield options in the design screen.
  • Mission estimates are back.
  • Fixed a crash related to fleet selection in the Battle Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where the star mapo camera could become locked after selecting a system for a diplomatic event.
  • Fixed a feasibility study crash.
  • Fixed mine frame rate issues.
  • Fixed mine audio issues.
  • Fixed frame rate issues when selecting large numbers of ships in combat.

That’s probably a quarter of the full list we’ve got listed in the Press Release section below, so although this patch will break existing save games, the improvements it promises seem well worth it.  Kerberos is promising additional hotfixes before the holidays if any new crashes pop up, so head on over to the official forums to let them know how its running.

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