Susan Wilson offers to sell her Kickstarter strategy

Susan Wilson Crowdsourcing CliffnotesRemember Susan Wilson, the entrepreneur who made off with $24000 in Kickstarter money after asking for $829 to send her daughter to camp? Would you like to learn her secret to getting hundreds of internet strangers to give you money for an unspecified cause? Well, for a limited time only, Susan Wilson is selling her “crowdsourcing cliffnotes”. Now you too can raise money for a lovely vacation new business. Unfortunately, the guide will be available to the first 100 buyers only because “it wouldn’t work” if too many people knew the secret.

In just 2 days I helped my 9 year old daughter raise over $20,000 on Kickstarter to build her first computer game. I’d like to share with a select few of you exactly what we did and how you can create similar results BUT ideally even better results!

I’m limiting the information to 100 people because if everyone knew, it wouldn’t work. So HURRY and BE 1 of ONLY 100 women to know exactly what we did & how you can do the same thing NOW!

The game that $24000 was supposed to fund by the way? It has been delayed after missing it’s July 31st release date. Maybe Wilson should have put less time into this latest business venture and more into the one she already committed to.

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