How to Survive trailer shows you what’s ahead


Imagine yourself on an island infested with zombies. That doesn’t sound fun? Well I guess the second best thing would be to check out what it’s like to control a person on one. You get to feed him/her, make sure he/she is rested, build fortifications, and make kick-ass weapons. The creators of How to Survive are bringing something new to the table, and it looks delicious.

In this arcade-action survival game, players must fulfill the most basic of needs – food, water and shelter – and learn to make use of anything and everything they can get their hands on to craft and combine weapons and tools from handmade shotguns to fishing rods or Molotov cocktails. Along the way, players encounter an ensemble of characters, some friendly, some less so, including the mysterious Kovac, author of the How to Survive guide. Will his work lead you to safety?

How to Survive is coming later in the month of October. Now the only question is: How long CAN you survive?


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