Survios announces new Sprint Vector VR details

Los Angeles-based VR developer Survios today announced new additions coming to its virtual reality parkour-platformer Sprint Vector, including newly revealed built-in weapons, power-ups, items, and new traversal abilities like wall-running and drifting.

During races, players can pick up usable items like Slow Mines and Nitro. Nitro gives the player a temporary speed boost, while Slow Mines can be dropped on the track and triggered by other racers to slow them down. Survios also revealed that their race tracks will feature destructable environments and obstacles.

Sprint Vector is an upcoming first-person competitive racing game wherein two players face off in an adrenaline-fueled parkour-like race in virtual reality. Here’s Survios Game Design Director Mike McTyre on the game’s concept:

When we first unveiled Sprint Vector earlier this year, we were blown away by the reaction to the Fluid Locomotion system. It’s one thing to be able to talk about seamless motion controls in VR, but it’s quite another to be able to implement them at such high speeds without causing the player any discomfort. Now, we’re taking that core experience and adding in fun weapons and power-ups to make the game more competitive and exciting for both players and spectators.

Survios has yet to officially announce a release date or supported platforms, though the game has been demoed on the HTC Vive. Sprint Vector will be demoed at E3 this weekend.

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