Super Motherload looks exciting for many reasons. Its soundtrack is one of them.

Watch the video above and tell me with a straight face that that music isn’t amazing. I dare you.

The music’s 80s synth vibe was the first thing that struck me about Super Motherload. If you know me, you’ll remember that Hotline Miami remains one of my all-time favorite soundtracks of this generation or any other. And if the four tracks released by indie electronic musician Eric Chen is any indication, it’s going to be giving Hotline Miami a run for its money. The dig/collect/return loop combined with RPG elements appears to be icing on an already compelling cake.

You can pick it up for $15 on November 15th on your shiny new PlayStation 4. Current gen gamers won’t miss out for too long, as it’s also coming to PlayStation 3 later this year, with a PC and Mac release hitting summer of 2014.

I've been gaming since my dad made the bad decision of buying me a Nintendo when I was four years old. Every day I'd find myself with my face glued to a TV screen, punching away at buttons, getting furious with Bowser, Dr. Wily, and those freakin' birds in Ninja Gaiden. Since then I have failed to get my parents to play any board game with me, I sold my full copy of Earthbound with box and guide for $300 to some dude in Austria for rent money, and I still believe in Nintendo even after all these years.

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