Super Mario 3D World New Gameplay Trailer

Super Mario 3D World

When Nintendo revealed Super Mario 3D World a few months ago, I was disappointed that we weren’t seeing a more drastic re-imagining of the franchise like we saw with the Super Mario Galaxy series.  Little did I know that all Nintendo had to do was release a plethora of new power-ups and interactive objects and I would be wholly on board the clear pipe hype train.

Super Mario 3D World looks like a blast to play. Nintendo has added a ton of fun things to interact with since we last saw the game. Some of the new power-ups shown in the trailer include:

  • mario goomba 2Of course the Cat suit which allows you to run, sneak, pounce, and climb your way though the levels.
  • Cherries add an extra Mario; and when combined with the fireflower, give you a small army of Marios that shoot a barrage of fireballs.
  • The “Skull” box has you wearing a box on your head that gives you the ability to shoot red balls at enemies.
  • The Goomba costume disguises your as the adorable little mushroom fiend.
  • Along with many favorites from past games, like the Tanooki and Boomerang suits.

There are also plenty of other objects within the world that you can interact with as well: giant ice skates that you can ride around in; bombs, baseballs, and soccer balls that you can kick and throw until your heart’s content; and you can even carry around a Red Chomper that will devour foes in your path.

Each new power-up and object looks unique and adds an interesting gameplay mechanic that I can’t wait to get my hands on when it releases on November 22nd of this year.

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