Super Lovely Planet is a platforming, not shooting, finale

Super Lovely Planet, the final game in Quicktequila’s Lovely Planet series, aims for a summer release date on Windows and Mac. The game will boast a similar aesthetic to previous titles while promising fresh gameplay through its unique mechanics.

Super Lovely Planet marks the conclusion of the incredibly difficult indie franchise as players switch from the tried and true shooting formula to something that is purely a platformer. As a ball, you have to traverse the Lovely Planet one more time as you interact with NPCs and try to find secrets. As the developer writes, “Super Lovely Planet is not a shooter!” This time, you are only outfitted with a jump button, as you need to dodge relentless fire from enemies in order to reach the goal.

Super Lovely Planet has a planned release date of this summer on Windows and Mac. In the meantime, check out our review of Lovely Planet Arcade.

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