Sumioni: Demon Arts Goes Gold

When the Nintendo DS came out, it took a while for developers to make games that utilized the touchscreen properly, making it more than just a gimmick.  Now developers are trying to take that experience and apply it to the Vita.  One of those titles is Sumioni: Demon Arts, and XSEED has announced that it has just gone gold.

As they battle their way through ancient Japan, players will use the standard button-based controls of PS Vita system to control Agura, while the PS Vita system touchscreen may also be used to manipulate the environment and help Agura navigate the game’s world. A swipe of the finger across the touchscreen will ‘paint’ brushstroke-like platforms into the game world that Agura can then use to avoid enemy attacks or traverse obstacles. Touchscreen features can also be used to summon helpful allies known as Inkgods, including the lion-like Shidou, who tramples enemies with massive ground attacks, as well as Yomihi, the fiery airborne phoenix. The PS Vita system touchscreen can also be used to battle foes with powerful elemental attacks, such as water, fire and lightning.

The game looks incredible.  Check out the screens below to see how good it looks.

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