Stronghold 3 Goes Gold

Does Stronghold 3 have what it takes to be the best castle-building simulator yet?  The Havoc-based diseased cow catapults say “Yes!”  As for those of us in the broader strategy crowd, we’ll only need to wait until October 25th when Firefly Studios’ latest entry in the long-running series goes live on Steam.

Taking many of its cues from the original Stronghold, this third “core” iteration puts you in the role of a local lord responsible for securing a region by establishing a thriving and well-protected economy.  Small hamlets inhabited by defenseless peasants are easy pickings for roaming bandits and rival neighbors, but by constructing housing, harvesting local resources, and training up a militia to defend the workforce, your leadership can transform an open field into a bustling city protected by the ramparts of your medieval castle.  This mix of domestic development and military prowess will play out across two distinct campaigns, while online multiplayer sieges will let you test you defensive mettle against an opponents army.

As a special bonus for nostalgic gamers, Steam is even offering a free copy of the original Stronghold along with pre-orders for the third game.  Expect that deal to expire sometime shortly before the official launch on the 25th!

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