Strike Suit Zero Heroes of the Fleet DLC out now, entire Strike Suit franchise 50% off

ss_021936b2f73b27559f96c2b689cb5d3230543947.1920x1080We here at Gaming Trend love us some giant robots.  In fact, the only thing we love more are giant robots that turn into sweet fighter jets!  So as you might imagine, we’ve been kind of interested in the Strike Suit franchise.

If you’re also a fan, we’ve got some good news for you: the Heroes of the Fleet DLC, which brings 5 new missions to Strike Suit Zero, is out now.  But the good news doesn’t stop there, my friends.  You also get access to a a brand new mod tool!  Not good enough?  How about Occulus Rift support?  Here’s what Born Ready CEO James Brooksby has to say:

“We know our fans have been patiently waiting for more content and that’s why we’re happy to provide this new challenge for them to take on. With the mod tool, we are excited to see what our community can create. We know how passionate they are and hope this will enable them to channel their passion and creativity into the game. We’re also busy working on Strike Suit Zero versions for Mac, Linux, and the Oculus Rift VR headset.”

If after all of that, you somehow still aren’t satisfied, then you probably need to have another cup of coffee and head over to Steam to find the entire Strike Suit franchise half off.  Yeah.  That brightened your day, didn’t it?

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