Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition Announced, New Screens and Videos

Capcom has had several different crossover fighting games, from the Street Fighter vs. X-Men to Capcom vs. SNK to Tatsunoku vs. Capcom.  Now the arrangement with Namco Bandai means that both developers will be matching up their favorite characters against each other.  Capcom’s Street Fighter vs. Tekken will be out first, and they have just released the details of the Special Edition of the game.  Here’s what’s included:

  • Street Fighter X Tekken game
  • Build-It-Yourself Arcade Cabinet Bank (approximately 5”H)
  • Exclusive Prequel Comic Book by UDON
  • 36 Gems: Includes All Pre-Order Packs Plus An Exclusive Pack
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Nine Exclusive Gems Only Available For Pre-Ordering Special Edition
  • Total of 45 Gems When You Pre-Order

Not only that, but we have several new screenshots and videos.  Take a look below to see the teasers for three new characters, as well as some gameplay video and an explanation of the battle systems.

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