Street Fighter V trailer for sixth DLC Character

Capcom released a new trailer today to show off their sixth and final DLC character for Street Fighter V’s first season, Urien. The trailer demonstrates Urien’s move set which includes the V-skill move Metallic Aura, the V-trigger move Aegis Reflector, and the critical art Dominate Crush.


SFV: Urien Trailer


Urien was first introduced in Street Fighter III: Second Impact as the vice president of the Illuminati and the younger brother of the character Gill.

Urien will be released alongside Street Fighter V’s September update which will add costumes colors for DLC characters. The release date for the September update will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

Street Fighter V is available on Ps4, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. For more on Street Fighter V, check out our review here.


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